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Whether the people in your audience already own their own businesses and want to know more about living their best lives… or they’re still struggling to figure out financial independence…

Preston has a presentation or workshop that can be tailored to what they need.

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The Business Love Paradox

If you’re growing a business and focusing ONLY on financial success… you’re destined to build a life that will leave you wanting more.

In this presentation, Preston will show your audience how to focus on MORE than just the financial part of success and what they can do to strive for more.

He’ll Cover:
The Business Financial Freedom Formula

When you’re building your team and your marketing strategy… you will live or die based on the data and management. If you don’t have a handle on it, you’ll waste time, effort and money trying to grow your business.

In this presentation, Preston will show your audience step by step how to manage their marketing and their team,

The 5 Foundations of Culture

Intentionally building a company culture is essential to the success of you, your team, and your business.

Focusing on this can directly impact your bottom line, and in this presentation,

Preston will show your audience:
The 7 Stages Of Entrepreneurship

It’s not reasonable to expect that you’ll start a business today and be an overnight success. Most businesses grow behind the scenes for years before they become what we see today.

In this presentation,

Preston will show your audience:



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Simply let us know what you’re interested in having your audience discover, and we’ll connect with you to build a custom presentation designed to help your audience succeed.
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