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Laura Deir

He Gives You The Answers You Need

The version of me that I am today, I didn’t see for myself. I now see it and live it because I have people that see it and show me what I’m capable of. This is a space where people care about you so much that they’re willing to tell you everything – from how incredible you are to where you have a blind spot.

Laura Deir

Residential Mortgage Loan Originator

San Antonio, TX

When I Started Working with Preston, Everything Changed

The first hour I met with Preston changed the entire trajectory of my company. He was able – in one hour – to show me where my blind spots were and show me what actionable steps to take to get results. This made all the difference in the world.

Marjah Simon

Publishing Results Expert

United Kingdom

Marjah Simon
Patrick Foley

He Can Solve Your Problem In 5 Minutes

Preston cuts to the chase very quickly – and he knows how to make money. But even more – he knows EVERYTHING about money! He gave me great advice to think outside the box… but then he gave me the formula to make 30% profit from my former HOBBY. Thanks Preston!

Patrick Foley

Home Improvement Contractor

Boston, MA

I Have Grown Tremendously Thanks to Preston

Preston has taught me so much – from business, to being a better person, to managing people. He may be a hardass at times, but it’s because of those times that I can grow as a person. If you have the opportunity to work with Preston, do it. It’s an immeasurable value.

Viviana Ronquillo

CEO at Zia Homes

El Paso, TX

Viviana Ronquillo
Sherri Calzada

He Gives Incredibly Valuable Advice!

Since I met Preston, my life has completely changed. He’s helped me in every aspect of my life and helped me get to the root of whatever problem I’m having so I can grow from it and move forward.

Sherri Calzada

Director of Operations, Entrust Capital Funding

El Paso, TX

I Wouldn’t Be Here Without Him

If it wasn’t for Preston, Risingstar Title wouldn’t be here! If you’re thinking about working with Preston… do it! I highly recommend him!

Ralph Garcia

Escrow Officer, Risingstar Title

El Paso, TX

Ralph Garcia
Corrina Brock

My Entire Life Has Changed

Over the past couple years, I began coaching with Preston and was able to do more than I knew I was capable of. He’s helped me not only in my business life. I’ve been able to improve my self-worth, my knowledge, and my education – and I’m super thankful for him and his friendship.

Corinna Brock

COO, Preston Brown companies

El Paso, TX





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